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Pitcure of D50

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What is DSynkant?

    DSynkant is a softsynth that emulates the synthesizer Roland D-50. It is released under the GPL licence. For the moment it is implemented as a DSSI plugin but should be easily implemented for other APIs, VST, MESS...

I need you!

    I actually don't have a Roland D-50, I am doing this work only based on the documentation of Roland (D-50 advanced manual, D-50 advanced manual (fr), D-50 basic manual, VC-1 manual). I am writing a sort of blueprint of DSynkant to complete the missing knowledge of the official documentation. It contains also questions that need to be answered, with the help of a real D-50 and some reverse ingeneering. If you have a D-50/D-550 you can have a look at this document to try to solve by yourself some of the mysteries or you can simply contact me so I can ask you to send me some well chosen recordings of your D-50. Another possible way to help, and not the least, is to offer me, even half broken, a D-50 or D-550 ;-D


    - Loading D-50 patches by sysex messages


    - 12/01/07 : website of DSynkant online


    - DSSI


    - No release yet but you can check out the last svn. Have a look at http://sourceforge.net/projects/dsynkant/


    - User manual : pdf or html.
    - Blueprint for developers : pdf or html.

    Nil Geisweiller   


    For any suggestion or question please contact me at : a-lin[try_to_remove_that]@users.sourceforge.net

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